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veronica lodge ( riverdale )/Harley Quinn (dceu )

betty cooper (riverdale /angel ( angel the show )

veronica mars /dean winchester ( supernatrual )

river tam/luna lovegood  firefly/harry potter

spancer reid /willow rosenburg criminal minds /btvs
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[livejournal.com profile] btvsats20in20

15 Themes
Favourite Season
season 6
Favourite Episode
school hard
Favourite Female Character
Favourite Male Character
Riley Finn
Favourite Friendship
angel and doyle
Favourite Romance
Favourite Villain
lilah morgan
Favourite Non-Human
Favourite one-off character Character Who Didn’t Get Enough
Screen Time
Character You Like That Everyone
Else Hates
Episode You Like That Everyone
Else Hates
as you were
Most Epic Moment
spike kills nikki
Saddest death Buffy or Angel?
Pick your fave show
5 Category |FAVE STORYLINE life and death of fred
1 2 3 4 5
photomania-c4cc5ffac0318e67144ae48d36df22bb.jpg photomania-c4cc5ffac0318e67144ae48d36df22bb.jpg

                                                                         149743278750868.jpg       photomania-f3f9393715bb6d8183397ab064ad7e68.jpg
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 inspired by icon 1    word smile               icon6                   texture                  color

  texture               theme b and w              color                 color                texture

word death           inspired  by icon  3    inspired by icon 5     theme cold            word evil
01.png   888857.png    

texture                       seasonal                  color                   geometric             theme floral texture
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for [livejournal.com profile] lands_of_magic

doyle ( angel the show )

Angel ( angel the show )

( domnhill gleeson   bill wesley   harry potter )
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for [livejournal.com profile] btvsats20in20
10 Themes
Angst Black Content Faceless Clock
Drusilla-drusilla-22377617-1024-768.jpg Drusilla-drusilla-22377617-1024-768.jpg
Smile Levels NS + Text Far Crop Not Human
5 Category |SING US A SONG
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
angel-and-drusilla--large-msg-130877905188.png angel-and-drusilla--large-msg-130877905188.png angel-and-drusilla--large-msg-130877905188.png tumblr_lanbuxfo601qcabl0o1_500.png
      5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5

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for Lands _of _ magic

Dear , Harmony

I got your unicorn you sent me for Christmas .

I have put it in a great place My desk so no one knows you are giving your boss

gifts and so I can keep it from braking .

was I the only one who got a Christmas gift from  you

That's very nice considering   I am kinda mean to you .

No fault of my own its just the broody soul in me .

To be  blunt here I thought it was for spike  you two  with your  odd

 and well gross histroy,  but when  I  saw it said to  Angel  and  thats it was

wrapped in pink ribbons and set on my dest next to my mug of otter blood

and read the card . Too bossy Have a merry christmas and  try not to be so broody

love  Harmony  , It was very thoughtful and  i was not expecting it so  thank you .

For the next time you would like to give your boss gifts  

 never mind   I am really not  comforable with getting gifts  from my  staff  but    I  will let it slide just this once.

Since you spent   $ 20 on the  unicorn .You forgot to take the price sticker off .

just another note  for when your giving gifts  dont  let the  person your giving the gift to

know how much you paid  .  Anyway  thanks  for  gift  Harmony

 it  will never  ( ever  be forgotten ).

 your  Boss C.E.O


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for lands of magic and [livejournal.com profile] bad_swa
willow's witch )
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for lands_of_magic
wallpapers images and textures

Word prompt
Masquerade Ball

Inspired by the song I put a spell on you sigtags


Icons song prompts I was a teenage werewolf ,Abracadabra , secrets last 2


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