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Jul. 24th, 2017 05:34 pm
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Flashpoint as in
Jdm and lc as female Joker and batman I am having a fan girl cry fest
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Originally posted by [ profile] ashtraythief at Time for Change
Hey everybody!

During the last few months, we noticed dwindling participation in the smpc. Both Aly and I had big changes occur in our lives since we opened smpc over two years ago and we don’t have the time to invest the kind of modding it would take to get this Club up and running again. So, we have decided to hand over the reigns to this beautiful porn community.

If you are interested in modding the SMPC, please contact either Aly or me. We would wish that the spirit of the community — the regular provision of porn — would be upheld but as far as time intervals or allowed pairings go, the new mods can make those decisions. Sometimes, change is needed to revitalize a community and we feel that we have done our part here, it's time for someone else to leave their mark.

Whomever take over after us, this will be your comm, all we ask if that the porn keeps coming (pun obviously intended).

fandom love

Aug. 4th, 2016 11:09 pm
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loving the talk in our fandom   day one since i  started  reading fics i have always  tried my  best to give feed back even if it was not for me and i think you can always say something postive to someone and make there day little bit better  . i have wrote fics i have  gotten  a few comments on  ao3  but never any in this fandom really  its okay i understand people dont have the time or did not like what i wrote  but when you get a comment  i know for me it makes my whole day  .  also i did not forget any bbs i am so behind on reading  i have signed up for every bang spn has out i am sure   i enjoy them a lot   arting and such   so i will be  giving lot of comments on bangs soon promise  i have made some wonderful friends though the fandom and i adore them and it makes me so happy to see your guy post  i just love letting you guys know that i love you all

its here

Apr. 11th, 2016 08:59 pm
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so the wonderful and super sweet [ profile] septembers_coda did something so nice for me that I really cant thank her enough she is so kind to offer to get me a always keep fighting shirt and she really made me burst in to tears when she emailed me and told me she wanted to get one for me I was not expecting it and it made y heart so happy . she is a truly wonderful person ( and fellow sassy shipper ) and I really am so grateful that she wanted to get me a shirt out of the goodness of her heart sending her a cyber hug and just more tears and love from me lol so it came today my love yourself first shit its a great reminder that I should do that even when I don't and the sweetness that she did for me so thank you so much <3

me in my shirt )
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[ profile] tv_universe
Elisha Cuthbert is Merlyn O'Neill! In supernatural , I cast her for this part because she has it all sexiness , sweetness and she is all smart badass and will make a perfect hunter in training . She will be a good mix to the pretty much all Good looking male cast she would be on here and there and would be pretty much opening to dying on the show such as all actors do on this show she can do stunts as well. she will can bring a new feel more male following with her sexy sassiness as well.

Merlyn is a legacy women of letters being a orphan and reading up on the letters she finds the bunker with her smarts cunning but she finds it has Sam and Dean they talk and sam likes to say she is hunter in Training . The boys don't like to have someone they don't really know taking there cases so they take her under there wing and show her the full ropes of being a hunter teach her about angels while she teaches them that having friends and people who have your back are a good thing . she becomes the object of sam's affection but she has no clue and is way too wrapped up in How heroic dean is and it bothers Sam. dean thinks she is a cute one but wont cross that line even if he wants too . but they both try to fit her in both there lives as hunters .
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for [ profile] lands_of_magic

doyle ( angel the show )

Angel ( angel the show )

( domnhill gleeson   bill wesley   harry potter )
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for tv_universe,

Dean Winchester (Supernatural )

01: OTP and why?
My Otp for Dean is Benny Because they were together for a Year. they were there for each other and had each others back , the love they had for one another was so epic .
02: brOTP and why?
Sam Winchester He will always look up too Dean and he will admire what he has to go though to be dean to take all the crap he has been given.
03: NOTP and why?
Destiel For many reasons Dean is really mean to him
dean is annoyed by him . He really does not take casitels feelings in to account and it makes me sad . he also never has faith in cas .
04: First moment you knew you liked this character and why?
I watched it with my friend mid season 3 then really got In to it season 4 I was like he is yummy and is kick ass .
05: Favorite line from this character and why?
son of a bitch or pudding and saving people hunting things the family business
the way he says son of a bitch is just too funny he always says it and he is just so cute saying it . saving people was a great line because its the Winchester way there motto of sorts .
06: Favorite scene for this character and why?
there are so many really I like when he is sick in season one in the hoddie and he still wants to save people even if he knows he will die . another is season 10 after he is caught by sam and is teetering on demon and human and grabs the hammer to kill sam its so intense that I always love it .
07: One way in which you relate to this character and why?
He has too do so much and he has so much going on and he does whatever he can to help people . I try and help people too but I have a angry side just like dean that can get out of hand .
08: Something this character does/has done that embarrasses you and why?
He has never really done that for me , if I can say I would say settling down with lisa and ben that was so worng .
09: Teddy Bear or Troublemaker and why? He is a trouble maker he puts himself in such bad spots just to save other people he takes the bullet every time so someone does not have to and has to deal with the fall out
10: One thing you would like to see happen to this character? I would like him to have just one day where he is happy and does not have to save everyone maybe have the day off away from demons angels and just enjoy being dean .

Angel ( Angel the show )

01: OTP and why? Angel/Darla
He reall loved her even if she was evil he was with her for endless years they had a child and he did everything he could to have another chance with her
02: brOTP and why?
Angel and gunn they like to play that they are not very close but they are truly cute when they talk they really listen and the always have each others back .
03: NOTP and why?
Angel/buffy it is just to much drama and teenish for me it makes love overly epic and its not .
04: First moment you knew you liked this character and why? in buffy I fist saw the episode Angel on btvs and fell for the epic and broken shell he was
05: Favorite line from this character and why?
lets go to work he says it and you know he is not joking around or not to be ignored . he really means what he says
06: Favorite scene for this character and why? my favorite angel scene is when he is angelus and he kills the hooker and blows the smoke out
07: One way in which you relate to this character and why?
I cant really relate to him I am a home body like he is I don't really like interacting with people that much .
08: Something this character does/has done that embarrasses you and why? when he makes the mistake with jasmine I was like angel noooooo please don't do that .
09: Teddy Bear or Troublemaker and why? trouble maker he gets too happy he can become evil and eat you that's just fun .
10: One thing you would like to see happen to this character? I wished that they would have him become human in the show ( spoiler comics ) don't do angel justice .

Veronica mars ( veronica mars )
01: OTP and why? Dick/veronica they would have the cutest blonde kids ever and she would whip him in to shape and it would be wonderful to see them play out
02: brOTP and why? mac and veronica they are very awesome together and the go to's for help when they need it and they are always friends no matter what no fights
03: NOTP and why? veronica/logan That was her best friends boyfriend even if bff is dead you don't do that and he was a bad bf and was always doing something he should not .
04: First moment you knew you liked this character and why? I actually saw the 3rd season first so I was so lost but I was hooked at how awesome she was and knew what to do and go for it .
05: Favorite line from this character and why? you mess with the bull you get the horns . and I am a marshmellow . she does not play around when she is saying you mess with the bull she will do what ever she wants to get the info she needs . she is marshmellow for sure she lets good people not hear bad news and she is screwed for it .
06: Favorite scene for this character and why? I like when she just figuring out who killed lily and goes in to the belly of the beast just to bring justice to her friend .
07: One way in which you relate to this character and why? I cant really relate to her but I like her friendship she has is just so wonderful she helps and does what she can .
08: Something this character does/has done that embarrasses you and why?
09: Teddy Bear or Troublemaker and why? trouble maker for sure she is always getting arrested or in a pickle or in a bad spot but she works her way out of them mot of them time but she does go digging for it anyways.
10: One thing you would like to see happen to this character? I really wanted to see her other years at collage and what things she did in her other years and how she got a job at the fbi .
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[ profile] allthingsfandom
Push and pull  A  emmatheslayer movie
 Push and pull is the story of a struggling father Roddick Dunn ( Jensen Ackles ) who has just lost his wife to cancer he is lots in the world and is failing as a dad . His kids Britney (chloe grace moretz) and Luke(logan lerman) are in there teens and they are acting out he is beyond lost and so scared he wants to end it all but he knows he cant if not for himself then his kids .
so he carries on trying to get his family in a better place That's when he meets Nolan Witt ( tom felton ) a sweet guy who Is the new math teacher to his kids . He reaches out to the failing dad and things take on life from there the men meet weekly to talk about his kids and how they are doing and then its less about the kids in school and more about there hopes and dreams and they fall for each other hard . when the summer comes Nolan tells Roddick that he must leave Maine for a new teaching offer in Texas , Nolan does not want to go But He needs Roddick to tell him to stay .

Roddick Dunn ( Jensen ackles )

luke Dunn (logan lerman)
BeFunky Collage.jpg
Brittney Dunn ( chloe grace moretz)
BeFunky Collage.jpg
Nolan  Witt ( tom felton )


Characters wardrobe
BeFunky Collage.jpg
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how fandom changed my life

I was never really a people person but when I was taken to see mbv my life changed in so many ways I got more in to what my friends liked due too the show we even had watch parties when it was on . I took a backseat in fandom for a long time and now I am in full swing I write I art I am even going to my first con this sept it has helped me so fun it lest me know that I do have people there for me and understand me and get what I like and they don't judge me for it I have so many fandoms now and I like to interact with everyone <3
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Rugrats my go to favorite show when I was young
loved it so much brings back such fun

brotherly love
this was such a cute and fun show and the fact the I was in love with joey really sold me on this lol


wild thornberries  i wanted to have this family

grace under fire  my mom liked this show and so did i   mommy and me bonding
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10 Themes

lose crop *                                                         negative space *

object *                                                                            

Hair porn                                 in profile
 landscape *                                                      quote

animated              looking down

5 emotions
laughter                         anger

love      silly


5 Artist choice

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[ profile] allthingsfandom

favorite fandom characters

favorite color  PINK

favorite movies

favorite TV shows

favorite singers and/or bands

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the invite
BeFunky Design.jpg
         the place
              the decoration

the food

the outfits


Dec. 15th, 2015 09:11 pm
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does anyone know if there will be a gadreel this year on tumblr or any other supernatural bb or mini bangs going on tumblr. I don't have one but for sure still wanna be in on the fun. let me know any and all pretty please with a cherry on top .
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Thank you so much to my flist for sending me holiday cards all of you are so sweet

[ profile] supernutjapan[Bad username or site: @][ profile] milly_gal[ profile] alexisjane[Bad username or site: @][ profile] jj1564[Bad username or site: @][ profile] be_my_precious[ profile] fairyniamh

I have sent mine out as well the should be arriving soon
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for Lands_ of_ magic

The wicked minds squad

This is a squad of smart minds and wicked women . they are all teamed up to share trade secrets of magic and to keep the evilness of the world between there own . they are all Hand picked by a leader of magic and the all hold offices in there elite squad .

the leader of magic is a high regarded and smart and old witch Rowena ( supernatural )
she is the leader make all the calls and has the right to accept or deny any ideas of the rest of the team come up with .

magic holder is Rowena's vice in charge and gets to have input in all the squad's dealings and handlings she is the only one in the group that can carry out any magic they feel is needed on the world Winnie ( hocus pocus ) Winnie.jpg
she is long time friends with the magic leader she is a bit more hands on then Rowena and has a thing for souls but being in this does not allow her to take any.

The worldly dealer she is the one with no wickedness that comes up with ideas and runs them to the others she deals with the humans and other magic beings she is the kind one who does not have much say in the group dealing with the wickedness more the smartness of the group willow ( btvs )

she does not deal with the magic leader she goes though the magic holder to show her magic and non magic dealings

the inductee the new witch learning her craft from evil and no evil women she follows the worldly dealer closely learning and finding out if she will have the gift to be a good with or bad witch in the magic squad she was picked to be in . ginny ( harry potter )
she will have to learn to learn enough for her to move on in the squad to her next task.

they all work well together due to the fact that each other bring something different to there squad and need each other to deal with each other and the magic and evil and goodness of the world
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@ [ profile] allthingsfandom

My Favorite Halloween Characters
#1. Winnie sanderson .

Brief explanation on why you like this character.
she is the most powerful and by far the most fun she was the witch I wanted to be when I was a kid

#2. Ghost face .

Brief explanation on why you like this character he is never the same person but they always deliver with the screams blood and laughs I am in love with him <3

#3. Hannibal lecter .

Brief explanation on why you like this character. this is a fave because he scares the crap out of my sister and he is so smart and is always a step ahead of you

-Optional Bonus-


Oct. 6th, 2015 11:10 pm
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will we be getting a confirmation email that the mods got our art for [ profile] spn_reversebang


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